Coral Springs Family DentistsCoral Springs family dentistry focuses on the complete care of the family’s dental health and oral hygiene . Your Coral Springs family dentist is the initial line of protection in the battle against plaque growth and the gum disease and tooth decay that can result from it. 

Regularly scheduled exams help discover and prevent oral health issues before they start. The American Dental Association (ADA) counsels that both children and adults have check-ups no less than twice yearly.

Our family dentists in Coral Springs, FL provide preventative, reconstructive, and cosmetic dentistry.  Our dentist treats the entire family: children, age 3, to senior adults.  We understand the needs of families.  “Dentist” can be a scary word to a child. 

Comforting children and starting them on the road of good life-long dental hygiene is primary objective.

Our Family Dental Services

* Regular check-ups including Examination of teeth, gums & existing filings, Cleanings, Sealants, Oral Cancer Screenings, Fillings, Polishing, Hygiene Consulting and Digital X-rays

* Teeth whitening/Bleaching

* Cavity prevention system

* Customized mouth and sports guards

* Advance dental appliances that minimize damage to teeth and jaw joint

* Clenching/Headache relief

* Crowns of gold, porcelain, or mixed

* Dentures: partial and full

* Emergency Dental assistance

* Extractions for teeth damaged beyond restoration

* Bridges: appliances for replacement of a missing tooth or teeth

* Laser Dentistry – reducing the need for anesthesia

* Laser Decay Diagnosis

* Periodontal (gum) therapy

* Porcelain Veneers

* Root Canals

* Fillings – including mercury-free tooth colored fillings

* TMJ Evaluations using the most modern diagnostics

Contact your Coral Springs Family Dentist today, and start a lifetime good dental health for you and your family.