Coral Springs teeth whitening is one of the most sought after cosmetic dentistry procedures.  Wanting a great smile is why.  But here are more reasons whiter teeth are a must for so many.

Teeth Whitening Is Inexpensive

An in-office tooth whitening treatment using the latest and most effect techniques can be as cheap as a few hundred dollars.  And unlike that hair cut, or nail job, teeth whitened professionally done can last for years.  And there is the added bonus of the work being done by an expert.  With a professional teeth whitening in Coral Springs, FL, maintenance is limited, especially with the reduction of coffee, tea, wine and tobacco consumption.

Whitening teeth, in prior generations, was only an option of the privileged.  Today there is an answer to fit every pocketbook and desire. Everyone wants whiter teeth, but choosing the best method is the test. Study you options, and consult a dentist for your best option.

Common Methods of Tooth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste.  Would you like a touch-up for your teeth, but you are limited on time or funds?  Try a Coral Springs teeth whitening.  The active ingredients in the majority of toothpastes can vary from a non-abrasive Calprox® (a baking soda mix) to mildly-abrasive hydrated silica.  The use of the whitening toothpaste is a slow process, and not nearly as effective as the more advanced methods available from a teeth whitening dentist.  Toothpastes are good for minor tooth stains, and in terms of measurables, they are said to whiten one to two shades.  Popular brands include Rembrandt and Supersmile.

Teeth Whitening Strips.  Another alternative lower cost option is teeth whitening strips.  The purchased strips are simply pressed against the upper and lower teeth for thirty (30) minutes per day.  Whiter teeth may be noticeable in as few as as three days after the process begins, but the the final outcome may take as many as thirty days.  Different than the toothpastes, whitening strips contain hydrogen peroxide.  The is the chemical agent used in some dentist-grade tooth whitening methods.  Whitening teeth strips can be easily transported and used anywhere.  Typically, whitening strips are used on tooth stains noted as “minor to moderate,” and are deemed to whiten up to three or four shades, or about double what can be achieved with toothpastes alone.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening.  Non-prescription, store purchased, tooth whitening kits are available for those desiring stronger cleaning results than offered by whitening strips alone.  The results should exceed those of strips, but they still do not equal what teeth whitening dentists can offer.  These OTC kits require the wearing a tray (think of a mouthguard) filled using a syringe with a whitening solution. Depending upon the kit type, the tray may be worn as little as one hour, or for up to an entire day. Differing whitening kits utilize brush applicators instead trays.  Typically the whitener is brushed on the teeth, and remains on for thirty minutes, before being rinsed off.  This procedure is repeated twice daily.  The solution used with these kits is generally about a ten percent hydrogen peroxide mix.  Whiter teeth should appear in the first days, with the total effect achieved in about two weeks.  Kits are good for moderate teeth stains, and are rated at improving teeth coloration about six shades.  Some manufacturers include Opalescence and TresWhite.

Professional-Grade Teeth Whitening at Home. Professional-grade home teeth whitening kits are available.  Some of the process is do-it-yourself, some requires participation by a professional.  These systems can only by purchased from a dentist in Coral Springs, FL.  The dentist creates a custom fit tray to be worn that fits your teeth perfectly.  A big plus with this system is expert advice and instructions in the proper methods to be used.  The chemical used are up to 35 percent amorphous calcium phosphate or a similar concentration of carbomide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide or both.  Noticeably whiter teeth can be expected after the first day of treatments, with more impressive results in about a week. Some of these systems are designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth. These pro-grade teeth whitening systems are good for moderate to stubborn stains, and can improve color by six shades. Some of the more popular brands are: Nu Radiance® Forte, Opalescence® Take Home, Day White® ACP, and Nite White® ACP.

One-Hour Laser Teeth Whitening.  The fastest, most effective for of teeth whitening is 1-hour laser teeth whitening.  Teeth must be in good shape to be permitted to use laser tooth whitening.  Any needed dental work will have to be completed before beginning laser treatment. This may not be a good method for people with sensitive teeth – check with your dentist.  However, once you are dentist approved, dramatic change is ahead. In one hour, laser whitening can whiten teeth up to eight shades. The advanced ultraviolet light (laser) incredibly accelerates the whitening process, sometimes completing the job in less than 45 minutes. This method is good for moderate stains. Popular brands include ZOOM!®, Opalescence® Boost and BriteSmile®.

Power Teeth Whitening for Tetracycline Stains.  Individuals with tetracycline stains had been without a successful method of treating stains until recently.  Even laser whitening was ineffective.  But a breakthrough approach gives many new hope.  Referred to as either “power whitening” or “power bleaching,” the process involves a combining in-office laser teeth whitening with in-home tray whitening.  Whitening teeth this way requires several weeks and may require repetition, depending on the nature of the tooth stains. This method is for very stubborn or tetracycline stains, and the results can be an improvement of five or better shades.

Teeth Whitening Works

Millions have tried it – it works!  Whether on a tight budget or busy or if you have a special event coming up, it has never been easier or less expensive to have whiter teeth.  Contact our Coral Springs teeth whitening office today to learn more.