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Union Dental Family Services is a full service dental facility that features top Dentists with advanced training in a variety of specialties.  Call us today at (954) 603-1362. The office offers a broad spectrum of dental services with the highest quality practitioners in:

* General Dentistry
* Cosmetic Dentistry
* Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy)
* Implant Restoration
* Oral Surgery
* Orthodontics
* Pediatric Dentistry
* Periodontics (Gum Treatments)
* Prosthodontics

Our newly opened facility features 12 operatories that utiliza the latest dental software, digital x-rays, intraoral imaging, and LCD telecisions to deliver the highest quality service for you.

Union Dental - Experts in Cosmetic Dentristry: While almost everyone is familiar with your traditional dentistry that focuses on cleansing the teeth and gums as well as taking care of problems such as cavities, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving your looks and smile. There is an increase in cosmetic dentistry today due to many factors. If you are not familiar with all the different methods and techniques that are used in cosmetic dentistry, here is a guide on what you can come to expect for those who are interested.

Traditional dentistry involves treatments that are usually necessary but cosmetic dentistry involves procedures that the patient elects to have done because it will benefit their appearance. If you are uncomfortable with your smile, the look of your mouth or if you feel your teeth are discolored cosmetic dentistry may be right for you. There are certain cases where cosmetic dentistry can be as beneficial as traditional dentistry. For example if one has a cavity instead of getting a filling that will leave their teeth looking dark or uneven they can choose special fillings that are made out of different materials that can match the color of your tooth or teeth almost exactly. This helps draw attention away from your fillings and brings it back to your face or smile. If you have older fillings you can choose to get them taken out and get the more natural looking fillings put in their place if you are more comfortable.

Cosmetic dentistry uses a wide variety of methods and technologies such as the use of laser treatments which are more convenient for both the dentist and the patient involved. These treatments provide a wide range of procedures. Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic dentistry procedure that is done these days. Many dentists now provide this service to a wide variety of patients. Many people find their teeth are discolored due to years of drinking coffee, tea or from smoking. Teeth whitening is the perfect way to get a whiter and brighter smile.

Another form of cosmetic dentistry in Pensacola that is often used involves correcting broken or chipped teeth. This procedure is called composite bonding. Composite bonding takes a combination of materials that are molded to look like the real tooth then hardened for durability. This type of procedure can really help a person who has been self conscious due to their teeth being broke or chipped.

For those who are looking for a full mouth makeover you can opt to get a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures done. This is called a smile makeover. These procedures are meant for those who have serious damage to their teeth or have severe discoloration. Most get teeth whitening plus other procedures such as dental implants. Dental implants are replacements of tooth roots that take the place of missing teeth. People who are missing teeth often look older so this full mouth makeover can take years off their look and restore their smile.

For those who are interested in cosmetic dentistry they will be happy to find it is now not only more readily available but there are also more finance options available for it. Cosmetic surgery cannot only help your smile but it can also boost your self esteem and help change your life for the better so call your Pensacola dentist today.
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